World Services for the Blind was founded in 1947 by Roy Kumpe to serve people who are blind and visually impaired who needed to learn independent living skills or job training skills that considered the special requirements of their individual visual impairments. The goal of the rehabilitation center then, and today, is to prepare the individual who is blind or visually impaired to function independently in our "sighted" society.

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  •  Life skills training, from learning Braille to mastering home management techniques, which give our clients independence.
  •  Career training in a number of vocational programs that empower graduates to thrive in today's high-tech workplace.
  •  Access for people 55 and older who are losing their sight to regain their independence through the Older Blind Program.

"Without World Services for the Blind, and the opportunity for employment that it offered, I would still be struggling against the current, and still unsure of my future."

–WSB graduate

"Finding a job after graduation is a huge accomplishment, and Alivebynature has helped tremendously in that regard